Four Ways To Incorporate More Storage Space When Remodeling Your Kitchen


There are a lot of items required to cook and serve meals! From food itself, to bake ware and cutlery, it's not always easy to find space to store everything. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, then it's wise to do so with storage in mind. Here are four ways to incorporate more kitchen storage space during your remodel.

Opt for deeper cabinets.

You may not have any extra wall space to add morecabinets, but you can create extra storage space in the cabinets you choose for your new kitchen. Pick deeper cabinets than those you currently have, and each cabinet will hold more. For instance, choose cabinets that are 12 inches deep instead of 10. Not only will this create more storage space, but it will also make storing larger items, like serving platters and pans, easier as you can lay them flat in the cabinet instead of trying to angle them on their sides.

Include hooks.

Exterior hooks are perfect for storing everything from pots and pans to measuring cups. When you store things on hooks, they double as kitchen decor, and you also leave more space in your cabinets. You can have hooks mounted above your stove, by the main door, next to the pantry, and in an array of other places. Even if you can only fit one hook in a certain space, put it there. You're sure to find something to store on it.

Install some open shelves.

You probably have some kitchen walls where you will not be putting cabinets because you need to walk or navigate along those walls. Instead of letting this wall space completely go to waste, put a few open shelves above head level on the walls. The shelves won't get in the way as you walk through the kitchen, but they provide a convenient place to store items you don't use that often—like holiday dishes and specialty cookware.

Utilize in-cabinet storage features.

Features like tray racks, spinning spice racks, and the like make it possible to fit more in a cabinet since they ensure the items you store are placed in the cabinets efficiently. Talk to your kitchen remodeling professional and ask that they include as many of these features as possible. Other ones to consider are built-in silverware dividers, in-cabinet wine racks, and in-cabinet hooks.

With the storage options above, your new kitchen will remain organized!


15 June 2017

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