Four Reasons To Choose Vinyl Siding


Does the outside of your home need a serious makeover? While you could simply paint it or have a new, brick facade put up, there is a far better option to consider: vinyl siding. More and more homeowners are turning to vinyl siding because it offers such amazing benefits, including the following.

1. Easy Maintenance

In today's busy world, who has time to paint a house? Vinyl, unlike wood and composite siding, does not need to be painted, stained, or sealed. It is very low-maintenance. All you need to do to keep it in good shape is give it a spray with a power washer once a year or two. If you skip a cleaning, there won't be any serious consequences, either. Your siding will just look a bit dusty and dingy until you get around to cleaning it.

2. Insect Resistant

Termites are a nightmare. Once they get into your home, you can spend years and thousands of dollars trying to get rid of them. Many times, termites first enter the home via wooden siding. Vinyl won't attract them, making it a great choice if your area is prone to termite infestations. Carpenter ants don't like vinyl, either.

3. Varied Looks

Wood siding has a distinct look. So does aluminum. Vinyl, however, can easily be customized to suit your fancy. You can find thinner and thicker pieces of vinyl siding. Some vinyl is solid-colored, while other siding features patterns made to look like brick or wood. You can even use several different colors of siding to give your home a modern, artistic look. The sky is the limit.

4. Long Lifespan

Siding a home is an expensive endeavor, so you want to ensure the material you choose lasts. Vinyl has a very long life expectancy. Many times, it can last 50 years or more. If you chip or damage one piece of vinyl siding, your contractor can replace just that piece of siding without having to replace the rest. You can order a few extra pieces of siding when you have your home sided so you always have spare ones on hand for repairs.

To learn more about vinyl, contact a siding company like Unique Home Solutions in your area. Most will be willing to visit your home and give an on-site estimate so you know exactly how much the project will cost. They can also discuss the most attractive siding choices for your home and preferences. 


7 February 2018

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