Remodeling After An Ant Infestation? 3 Tips For Improving Your Kitchen


If you've recently cleaned up your home after having a large ant infestation in the kitchen, you may be curious about what kinds of changes you can make to prevent it from happening again. Along with taking care of a deep cleaning to get rid of food that could be attracting ants, you can make a lot of other helpful changes during kitchen renovation. 

If you're unsure of what to take care of during remodeling to help keep the kitchen clean and pest-free, consider the following features that professional remodeler can help with in your kitchen.

Get Secure Cabinets Installed

Since your cabinets likely store a lot of food inside, it's a good idea to look into making improvements in the form of having the cabinets close securely. With more secure cabinets, it will be much more difficult for ants to get into the cabinetry and get close to any food inside. Since this can be the main attractant for ants and other pests in your kitchen, having more secure cabinets installed can be a great preventative measure to consider.

Make Sure All Surfaces Are Easy to Clean

When checking out different services such as countertops and flooring, it's so important that you focus on making sure that the surfaces are as clean as possible. Having kitchen surfaces, such as countertops and appliances, that can become sticky and difficult to clean can quickly lead to ants becoming an issue. This makes it ideal for you to ask questions when designing the kitchen about the surfaces so that you will be able to keep them clean without much trouble.

Tile flooring that has easy-to-clean grout that can't hold food and other mess is important, along with choosing a backsplash and other kitchen features that are easy to scrub clean with an all-purpose cleaner.

Replace Appliances That Are Difficult to Move

In some cases, ants could be attracted to food that's fallen behind your stove. Making sure that you're able to move the appliances without much trouble can make it much more likely that you'll be able to keep the kitchen clean. Replacing appliances that are difficult to clean can help prevent food from building up and being an issue that could attract pests.

Discussing your need for preventing pests in your kitchen can make all the difference in remodeling and making sure that you won't experience a lot of ants being an issue again after the remodel. To learn more about kitchen remodeling, contact a company such as MCM Services Inc.


26 March 2018

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