3 Patio Upgrades To Enhance Your Outdoor Space


A patio is a versatile space for many homes. You can use it to instantly expand your entertaining space or add a separate dining area to take advantage of balmy days with pleasant breezes. To get the most from your outdoor space, consider making a few upgrades to the area. Here are a few ideas to enhance your patio so that it better serves your needs.

1. Add Shelter to the Patio

One drawback to planning an evening in your home's outdoor space is that a passing rainstorm or overly hot day can quickly derail your plans. Add some type of shelter to your patio to provide protection from the elements. There are a few different options for sheltering your patio. Take into account your budget and design preferences when exploring your option.

A gazebo is an affordable way to lend shelter to your patio. You can customize the size of the gazebo so that it perfectly fits your patio, and there are a variety of colors and fabric selections to choose from. Gazebos provide protection from precipitation and excessive amounts of sun.

If you live in an area where mosquitoes and bugs like to show up uninvited to your outdoor events, you can opt for a gazebo with drapes or bug netting. You can tie back the drapes or netting when you don't need it. When you need that extra layer of protection, just zip the netting or drapes to enclose the space. An added benefit of drapes is that they add a layer of privacy to your patio.

2. Install a Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent addition that you can use the entire year. Use it to prepare a delicious dessert of roasted marshmallows; enjoy the marshmallows on their own, or add chocolate and graham cracks to make s'mores. Not only does your fire pit provide ambiance to your patio, but it also adds warmth on chilly evenings.

3. Integrate More Outdoor Lighting

Lighting for your patio should make it more functional or assist you with creating ambiance for your event. Some alternatives for lighting your patio include tiki torches, tabletop fireplaces, string lights intended for outdoor use, and lanterns. If using an electrical light fixture on your patio, explore fitting it with a smart light bulb.

A smart light bulb lets you use your mobile device to turn the light on and off, put the light on a timer, and adjust the color and brightness of the bulb. For example, if you're hosting a Fourth of July cookout, you can change the lights to blue or red for extra atmosphere.

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12 February 2019

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