5 Places To Install Custom Cabinetry In Your Tiny Home For Creative Storage


When you are transitioning from a full-size house into a tiny home, you will most assuredly do away with a lot of those extra belongings that you don't need. However, you probably have all kinds of things that may not have a home once you get moved, so you still need storage space. Custom cabinetry is the ideal solution in small living quarters, but there are far more places to sneak in a few cabinets than just the kitchen or bathroom. Check out some of these creative places where cabinetry can be implemented in your new tiny home. 

Under the Stairs

If you have a loft in your tiny home or an upper level, it means you have to have some kind of access point, and most people go with a small staircase. Having a small staircase proposes another opportunity for you to implement storage. Installing custom cabinetry beneath the stairs allows you ample storage for things like coats and jackets, shoes, and all those extras you have hanging around. 

In the Closets

Cabinetry in the closets makes good sense, even though it is a place that most people do not think of adding cabinetry. By installing cabinetry over the areas where you hang clothing, you have more space to put things for safekeeping in an organized fashion. 

In the Loft 

Lofts in tiny homes are usually used for bedroom spaces, but the odd shape and height of these spaces makes it difficult to install closets. What you can integrate, however, is a few custom cabinets, especially along the sides of the walls. Cabinets don't have to be all that large or space-consuming to be functional as storage space, so even just a few small implements can work wonders. 

Between Wall Studs 

The wall studs get covered by drywall and insulation. Yet, with some creative carpentry, the spaces between the studs can be finished out and a door added to install a shallow closet. This may not look like a lot of space, but it can be the perfect storage space for things like canned goods, brooms, and cleaning supplies. 

Under Your Bed 

Picture this: instead of having your bed propped up on a box spring or bed frame, you can have a series of custom cabinets created to support your bed. You basically get full bed support and a place to store all those belongings that typically go in a bedroom. 

For more information about custom cabinetry, reach out to a local remodeling contractor.


6 March 2019

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