Working On Your Bathroom? 5 Tips For Remodeling


Multiple times a day, your family walks in and out of your bathroom. After some time, you may begin to notice things that you want to change. When remodeling becomes a possibility and you're ready to get a contractor for the work, ensure these bathroom remodeling issues are discussed.

1-Avoid Skimping on Materials

To save money, you may be open to the idea of using cheaper materials, especially if the bathroom you're renovating isn't your primary bathroom. However, you don't want to have to fix and do further renovations because something breaks prematurely or the work doesn't meet your standards. Ask for materials and pieces at different price points so you have options.

2-See Granite Panels In Person

If you choose stone, usually granite, countertops, you might have only seen the pieces in a catalog or in a showroom. However, you should discuss seeing the exact panels that will be selected for your home. When you can see the panels for yourself, you can tell whether they're the same color and have the same markings. Without viewing them, you might end up with a few pieces that don't really seem to go together. To avoid ill-matched countertops, ensure you know and see the pieces first.

3-Consider Using Only a Few Brands

There are countless brands of faucets, toilets, vanities and other pieces. This may make your decisions harder to make, but you can simplify that process by only using a few brands. Not only will this cut down the options and make decisions easier, but you'll also be able to maintain consistency in the room as far as looks go. 

4-Remember the Future

While remodeling, it's a good time to begin thinking about additions you can make now that will serve you later. If this is your forever home, you'll need to make the space accessible in case you or a relative can't move around as quickly and easily anymore. For example, you might put in a towel bar for more support even if you don't need that right now. A sit-down shower, removable shower head, heated floor tiles, and other features could ensure the bathroom works for everyone now and in later years.

5-Plan for Scheduling Changes

Ensure that schedule delays aren't going to disrupt family life. If the project isn't done when you expect, have plans for working around it. Your contractor should provide frequent updates so you can plan.

Your contractor will talk you through all the major decisions to be made for your bathroom's remodeling. With these tips, the whole experience ought to be gratifying.


31 March 2019

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