Drink Up! Why And How To Add A Beverage Station To Your Kitchen


No matter whether you are remodeling an existing kitchen or designing a whole new one, you want to make a room that will work for you and your family. And for many busy families today, one of the most overlooked additions to the kitchen is a beverage station. What is a beverage station? And how can you design the perfect one? Here are a few answers.

What is a Beverage Station? 

As its name suggests, a beverage station is a small portion of the kitchen's cabinetry and counter space devoted to the family's favorite beverages. It might be the morning coffee routine or powerful smoothies. It might also be the evening wine or beer bar. The design and focus of your beverage station should be personalized to your own needs and adds convenience that benefits everyone on a variety of levels.

What benefits does this dedicated space bring? A beverage station provides everything needed to make your coffee or smoothies in the morning without dirtying the entire kitchen. When someone is busy working in the kitchen to prepare meals, it keeps the family out of the way. And it creates a ready-made space for entertaining. 

How Should You Create a Beverage Station? 

The contents of a beverage station are unique to each household. A busy working couple might want to focus on their morning needs while someone who enjoys dinner parties might want a full-service bar. The choices are up to you, but there are a few common elements to make it successful. 

First, the station should be located near the entrance to the kitchen so that people don't have to come fully inside. This keeps the kitchen cleaner and boosts efficiency. Ideally, make it right inside the door or even placed in an exterior peninsula or island for ease of use.

Secondly, customize the station as much as possible. Use custom cabinetry that comfortably fits your beverage supplies, such as hanging mugs or wine glasses, and that can handle oddly-shaped items like the blender for morning smoothies. Lay out the accessories you plan to include and decide how best to utilize a small area for maximum storage and the workspace for them. 

Finally, make the station self-sufficient. If you have a large kitchen, consider adding a small "bar sink" for quick cleanups. You might also include a cabinet for a mini-fridge or even a small dishwasher. The more you can keep activities contained to this small area, the cleaner and more free your kitchen work areas will stay.

Where Should You Start?

Do you think that a beverage station might be right for your new kitchen? Then meet with an experienced kitchen cabinet service in your area. Prioritize your family's specific routines and needs so that they can incorporate the beverage area as smoothly as possible from the beginning. The result will be a kitchen that your family will actually use and enjoy for many years. Ask someone who provides home cabinet installation to learn more.  


22 October 2019

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