Four Kitchen Cabinet Layout Styles And How Each Fits Your Kitchen


Do not let the title fool you; there are dozens of cabinet styles, but only a few layout designs. This is because most kitchens are square or rectangular in nature. Oddly-shaped kitchens are highly unusual, and require custom cabinets. If you are remodeling your kitchen and redoing your cabinets, here are your layout design choices.

The "L" Layout Style

This is the most common kitchen cabinet layout. It is named for the capital L-shaped stretch of cabinets along two walls of your kitchen. When you remodel this layout, you can either keep the layout you have and swap out old cabinets for new, reverse the L-shape to put the side wall cabinets on the opposite wall, or increase the number of cabinets you have from one wall-layout to the L-layout.

The "One Wall of Cabinets" Layout Style

One wall of cabinets often surrounds your kitchen sink. There are cabinets to the left, right, underneath the counter and possibly above the sink as well. This layout style is particularly useful in tinier kitchens where space is at a premium, or you need more walkway space through the kitchen. If you have this layout design already but you want more cabinets and you have the room for them, consider upgrading to the L-shaped (or reverse L-shaped) layout design.

The U-Shaped Layout Style

If you have a very large rectangular- or square-shaped kitchen, you are in luck. You can add more cabinets during your remodel with the U-shaped layout style. This is a wrap-around design that puts cabinets around your sink and on the two conjoining side walls for maximum storage and maximum countertop space. The result is a set of kitchen cabinets that make a block-style U-shape.

The "Island in the Middle" Layout Style

If your kitchen has enough room to add an island, this is another way to add more counter space and cabinets to your kitchen. You can have any of the above layout styles in your kitchen already, and then just add an island in the middle. Some people even move the kitchen sink to the middle island to extend counter space across the distance where the sink used to be. Discuss with your remodeling contractor how this would work in your kitchen and whether or not you can move the sink to the middle of the room. There may be additional expenses to reroute the plumbing for this, but you may find that it works very well for your needs.

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12 April 2017

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