What to Expect from a Windshield Calibration Service


As modern vehicles become increasingly sophisticated with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), maintaining optimal functionality through services like windshield calibration has never been more crucial. Windshield calibration ensures that all sensors, cameras, and other ADAS components are perfectly aligned, enabling them to function correctly and keep you safe on the road. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to expect from a windshield calibration service.

Initial Assessment

Technicians will determine the extent of calibration required, which might be prompted by events such as windshield replacement, collision repairs, or even minor mechanical adjustments. During this stage, the technicians evaluate the vehicle’s make, model, and year to identify the specific calibration procedures recommended by the manufacturer. It's critical to use the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the ADAS components work as intended.

Pre-Calibration Checks

Before the actual calibration begins, pre-calibration checks are conducted. These include a thorough cleaning of the windshield and ADAS sensors, including cameras, radar, and LiDAR systems. Technicians will also scan the vehicle’s ADAS system for any existing error codes or malfunctions.

Static and Dynamic Calibration Methods

There are generally two main types of calibration methods: static and dynamic.

Static Calibration

Static calibration is performed in a controlled environment, usually within the service center. It involves the use of specialized equipment and targets positioned at specific angles and distances from the vehicle. This method requires the vehicle to remain stationary while technicians make precise adjustments based on the data provided by the ADAS sensors.

Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic calibration, on the other hand, requires driving the vehicle on the road. During this process, technicians use a diagnostic tool connected to the vehicle’s onboard computer, which collects real-time data as the vehicle is driven under various conditions. The goal is to make adjustments while the vehicle is in motion, allowing the ADAS components to calibrate to real-world driving scenarios.

Post-Calibration Verification

Once the calibration procedures are complete, a thorough verification process follows. This involves re-scanning the ADAS system to ensure all components are communicating correctly and functioning as expected. Technicians may also take the vehicle for a test drive to evaluate the performance of various ADAS features in real-world conditions.

Customer Briefing

After the calibration and verification stages, technicians will provide a detailed briefing to the customer. This includes an explanation of the calibration process, any challenges encountered, and the outcome of the service. Customers will also receive documentation summarising the procedures performed and any recommendations for future maintenance.

Windshield calibration is a vital service for maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s advanced driver-assistance systems. The process involves a meticulous series of steps, from initial assessment and pre-calibration checks to static and dynamic calibration methods, followed by thorough post-calibration verification. By ensuring your ADAS components are perfectly aligned, windshield calibration ultimately contributes to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle.

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18 June 2024

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