Does Your Shower Need To Be Remodeled?


Shower remodels can be a great choice, even without a supporting reason. There are many different shower conversion options that lend functionality and value to a bathroom. But if you need a concrete reason for putting money into a shower conversion, here are some of the common signs that it's time to think about replacing or fixing your shower setup. 

The Shower Is Leaking

If your shower tends to leak, it's probably a problem with outdated materials that have many fissures in them. When dealing with a problem like this, replacing materials rather than patching them is a good way to prevent yourself from having additional problems with your shower in the future. 

Water Pressure Is Bad

If water pressure is not great, look at replacing the shower head. Just note that if you get a more powerful shower head, it might come with additional remodeling steps, because the water might now shoot outside of the shower enclosure. 

The Area Is Moldy 

Mold speaks to a ventilation problem, which is one big issue to address during a shower conversion. You might need to put in additional ceiling vents to control excess moisture in the shower enclosure. Sometimes replacing shower curtains with glass also can decrease the amount of moisture that stays within the shower area. Be sure that the shower head is also an appropriate size, so that it's not letting water out of the enclosure. 

The Shower Feels Outdated

You may also begin to look at shower fixtures because the shower or entire bathroom feels outdated. Doing shower conversions to create a standalone shower enclosure could be one way to modernize the area. Or having a shower wall that doesn't involve a door, but instead contains water due to its configuration, could be a good way to go. 

A shower remodel can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. It might be something as easy as adding a sealant to the base of the shower and sealing cracks to prevent leaking water. You might just need to change out your shower curtain and plumbing handles to make the area more modern. Or you might want to look at more complex shower conversions that include swapping out old components for modern sheet glass and brass. Any way you choose to do your shower remodel, a contractor like Herl's Bath Solutions can help you find designs and parts that match your budget. 


14 April 2017

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