Remodeling Projects That Will Modernize Your Kitchen


If you favor the look of modern spaces but your home currently has a dated or rustic feel, a remodeling contractor is the right person to call. By focusing on one room at a time, you can your contractor can come up with some strategies to modernize the space. Thinking of starting with your kitchen? There are a number of projects that your remodeling contractor can complete to transform the look of this part of your home. Here are some suggested ideas.

New Cabinet Doors

Replacing all of the cabinets in your kitchen is a major project, but if the cabinet boxes are in decent condition, your contractor won't have to touch them. Instead, he or she can remove the cabinet doors and replace them with doors that more accurately suit your sense of style. For example, if your current cabinet doors are stained wood with molding and you favor something sleeker, the doors can be replaced for painted doors with a high-gloss finish, frosted glass doors with brushed aluminum accents, or stainless steel doors. This isn't a project that you'll want to try on your own — it involves a lot of careful measuring to ensure that the new doors will fit the current boxes.

New Flooring

In an outdated kitchen, vinyl flooring may be prevalent. This type of flooring, while generally robust, may not be desirable if you enjoy the look of a modern home. An ideal alternative to vinyl flooring is tile flooring. A visit to your local flooring store or home improvement store will present you with a variety of options that suit your modern style, whether it's slate-style tiles or something sleeker. Your remodeling contractor may even be able to mount the tiles without pulling up the vinyl flooring.

New Appliances

New appliances can also go a long way toward making an outdated kitchen suit your modern sense of style. For example, you might currently have white or black kitchen appliances, but aspire to upgrade these devices to sleeker stainless steel models. While you might be able to replace a fridge on your own — albeit with a lot of heavy lifting — your remodeling contractor is the right person to call when you're dealing with a wall-mounted oven or a stove top. These appliances are wired directly into your home's power grid, rather than being connected by plugs, so you'll need an expert like Pedini New York to take care of this job for you.


19 April 2017

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