Factors To Consider Before You Add A Window To Your Kitchen


If your kitchen feels dark and cramped, a potential solution is to hire a remodeling contractor from a company like A SQUARED INTERIORS, LTD who can add a window to the space. This might seem like a major undertaking, but the reality is that skilled professionals can complete this sort of task with minimal time investment and at minimal expense to you. You, of course, will need to decide what size of window you want, as well as consider a variety of other factors. You can then share these ideas with your contractor to hear his or her opinion on whether your approach is attainable. If not, the contractor will make helpful suggestions to turn your dream into a reality. Here are some factors to consider for this project.


You won't be able to add a conventional window to your kitchen unless at least part of the room is positioned on an exterior wall of your home. Having the kitchen positioned against at least one exterior wall is common in many homes, and while it may limit the number of positions suitable for a window, it also makes your job of deciding where you want the window easier. If you have multiple options, consider the position of the sun in the morning and late afternoon; for example, you might wish to have the morning sun flow into the kitchen to make it brighter when you're eating breakfast.


A simple approach is to have a plain window that doesn't open. It will allow sunlight into the kitchen and make the space appear larger. However, you should evaluate if you want additional features. For example, it's handy if you can open the window. if you occasionally use a deep fryer, since you can then open the window while doing so to prevent the air inside your house from smelling. Drapes over the window can be a little bulky, but if you need privacy, consider a window with blinds that are positioned between the two panes of glass and can be operated by a lever.

Wall Space

One of the potential drawbacks of having a window added to your kitchen is that it will take up some valuable wall space. If you have ample storage needs, talk to your remodeling contractor about adding extra storage solutions throughout the room. For example, if you need to get rid of a cabinet to make room for the window, a solution is to have the contractor install overhead storage, perhaps directly above the kitchen island.


24 April 2017

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