Five Simple Things You Can Do This Weekend To Make Your Bathroom Look Brand-New


A total bathroom remodel could cost you upwards of five thousand dollars. If you do not have five grand to drop on a bathroom remodel at this time, but you definitely want to make your bathroom look new again, there are some easy weekend projects you can do. Here are five suggestions that are inexpensive and easy enough to do over a weekend.

Professionally Clean and Polish Tile Floors

Tile collects a lot of dirt and mildew over time, which tends to make your floors look quite unappealing. Hire a professional to clean the stone tiles and grout, and then polish the tiles so that they shine. It will look like you had an entirely new floor installed in your bathroom!

Paint the Bathroom

Give your bathroom a new coat of paint. Pick a color you not only like, but one you can live with for a few years. It is a good idea to pick relaxing colors, since most people go to the bathroom to bathe in the tub or "rest" their digestive systems. Relaxing colors help set the mood to allow you to do all of the above in your bathroom. You can also hire a painter to do it or do it yourself.

Replace Your Toilet

Toilets, over time, tend to collect stains that do not go away. Some stains are not stains at all, but patches where the porcelain coatings have eroded and are now badly discolored. Toilets are relatively cheap, and you would be surprised how quick and easy it is to replace a toilet. You can do it in under an hour. Just be sure you have a lot of rags or towels ready around the base of your toilet to soak up any leaking water. You should also do this project before you have the floors cleaned and polished, for obvious reasons.

Buy New Shower Curtains and Window Curtains

A clean shower liner and a brand-new shower curtain with matching shower hooks really does transform your shower and tub area. They can also help hide a tub that needs replacing. If you have any windows in your bathroom too, buy some curtains or blinds that match the new color scheme in your bathroom.

Add Cabinets

Pre-fabricated cabinets are easy to place, and you can never have too many cabinets in the bathroom! Towel storage, as well as storage for shower and personal care products, is essential to a bathroom. If you currently do not have enough storage in your bathroom, free-standing cabinets and cabinets you can hang on the walls are the way to go. 

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15 June 2017

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