Moss Problems: Why Are Tiny Trees Growing On Your Roof?


If tiny green "trees" begin to sprout on side of your roof, you might feel at a loss of what to do about your problem. Those little trees could actually be moss, a plant that grows in moist locations, including damp roofing shingles. Moss can be an eyesore and nuisance when it shows up. The plant can also damage your roof over time. Here's why moss grows on your shingled roof and what you can do about it:

Why Is Moss On Your Roof?

Moss tends to grow in places with poor sunlight and plenty of moisture, including roofs sitting directly under shade trees. Shade trees allow moisture to stay on roofs longer than necessary, which keeps shingles damp. Because the spores producing moss are airborne, they can reach high places like your roof very easily. Once the spores land on a moist surface, they take hold and grow. 

Moss can resemble trees at a distance, but the plants actually look like green patches of grass. If you look closely at your roof, you'll see moss growing between each shingle. The material between or beneath your shingles can hold or trap moisture. 

If you power wash your roof, you may be able to remove some of the moss. But unless you remove the moisture from your shingles and trim your shade trees, the plant will only return. 

How Do You Get Rid of the Moss?

To remove and keep moss off your roof, trim the branches of your shade trees. You want to allow sunlight to reach the surfaces of your roof without problems. It's also a good idea that you remove all other signs of moss from your property, including your sidewalk and patio. You can spray bleach on the plants until they die. 

Once you get rid of the moss around your home and trim your shade trees, contact a roofer for additional help. A roofer may use a chemical spray to kill the plants and their spores. A roofer may recommend that you replace any shingles that suffered deterioration from the moss.

If water or moisture damaged the material beneath your shingles, such as the underlayment or wood, you may need to replace these items as well. Moisture can rot wood and other natural material over time. The damage can potentially spread to the rest of your home, including your attic trusses and ceiling.

You don't have to live with moss or the problems it can cause your roof. Contact a roofing company like Ulrich Builders for appointment and services today.


2 October 2017

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