3 Trends To Consider When Remodeling Your Master Bedroom


Your master bedroom is an important room in your house. Not only is it a place to rest your head at the end of a long day, but it should also be thought of as a private and personal retreat from the rest of your house. Creating the master bedroom of your dreams is possible with a bit of effort and research. In addition, remodeling your master bedroom can offer you an estimated return on your investment of between 40 and 80 percent, which makes it a great financial decision. To reduce the stress of the remodel, here are a few excellent trends to consider for your master bedroom remodel.

1. Improve Closet Size and Design

If you are like many homeowners, you feel you do not have adequate storage space in your home. Plus, the storage you do have probably stays unorganized and clutter, making your life feel a bit more hectic than it should. Thankfully, improving the size and layout of your master bedroom closet can help with your storage needs.

If there is an extra bedroom that is not being used near your master bedroom, consider renovating the room into a new, larger, walk-in closet. This may require knocking a wall down, adding shelves and hanging units, but it can be a worthwhile investment.

If you lack the extra bedroom space, enhance the closet you already have. Work with a designer to install shelves, hanging rods, and even shelves in the best manner possible to help you get and stay organized.

2. Create an Outdoor Space

Another way to add function, value, and appeal to your master bedroom is to think outside the normal realm of your walls and create a connected outdoor space.

A door or set of French doors leading out onto a small patio, deck, or balcony can be a beautiful update, but it also creates a special place to relax with a glass of wine in the evening or a cup of coffee each morning.

Adding an outdoor space to your master bedroom will make the room feel like you are staying in a luxurious retreat.

3. Cover the Walls

Traditionally, paint is used on the walls to add personality. However, more and more homeowners and builders are covering the walls in different textures to add definition and value that will make space stand out from the rest of the home.

Shiplap, which consists of thin pieces of wood, can be installed on one or more of the walls in your bedroom. Painted in a crisp white or light grey color, the strips of wood create a comforting feel that is reminiscent of antique farmhouses.

Wallpaper can also be used to cover walls in your master bedroom or bath. For a pop of color that does not overwhelm the space, create an accent wall using a patterned wallpaper in your favorite colors.

Remodeling your master bedroom is a great investment for your home and well-being. With one or more of these trends, you can enhance your master bedroom retreat.


11 April 2018

A Spacious Master Bedroom

When I moved into my current place, I was concerned about the size of my master bedroom. I was worried this small space wouldn’t fit my bedroom furniture. Unfortunately, I was correct. After sleeping in this bedroom for eleven years, I decided to make a huge change. I consulted with a reputable, remodeling contractor. I hired this professional to build a huge, master bedroom addition onto my home. I decided to turn my small bedroom into a comfortable guest room. On this blog, I hope you will discover how a remodeling contractor can improve the function of your home. Enjoy!