Cabinet Designs That Your Kitchen Needs For A More Modern Look After Renovations


Modern designs can be great for kitchen renovations. The cabinets are an important aspect of the design when doing renovations. Therefore, cabinet designs should have modern features and finishes to make them look updated. The following cabinet design ideas will give any kitchen renovations a modern look:

Modern Finishes For New Cabinets

Finishes are important for cabinets in kitchen renovations. The finishes can include natural wood, solid colors, and different materials. Options to add more modern finishes for the new design of kitchen cabinets include:

  • Polished metal faces for doors
  • Unconventional wood veneer finishes
  • Solid colors that are plain and easy to clean

The right finishes for the cabinets can completely change the look of a kitchen. This is a great way to give your renovations more of a contemporary design. You may also want to consider having appliances faced with veneers that match new cabinets.

Hardware to Give Cabinets a Modern Look

Today, cabinet hardware can give kitchens more modern designs. This hardware can be visible, like the handles on doors, or it can be hidden hinges. When renovating your kitchen, some of the modern hardware features that can be added include:

  • Grips instead of handles on doors and draws
  • Push-button action for pull-out cabinets
  • Functional hidden hinges for cleaner cabinet faces
  • Polished metal details for cabinet trim and molding

The hardware may also be needed for features that are being added to the contemporary kitchen design. Pull-out elements can have push features that make them pop out when they are activated. Some of the hardware can integrate into cabinet molding features for cleaner lines.

Adding Custom Seating and Island Features to Cabinets

The cabinets can also have custom seating features or a kitchen island. These are elements that can be versatile solutions for a modern kitchen design. Some of the options to consider for seating and kitchen islands include:

  • Bar seating that connects to the living room or other space
  • A versatile mobile kitchen island that doubles as a dining table
  • Pull-out or fold-up kitchen dining table for convenient space-saving design

The seating features will also work well with an open-concept design for main living spaces. This can be a great solution for a busy family that spends more time in the kitchen and are constantly on the go.

Modern designs for kitchen cabinets can also be functional for today's busy families. Contact a company, such as Jax Payless Cabinets, for more information.


11 December 2020

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