Keep Your Kitchen Organized With These Custom Cabinet Ideas


Are you planning a big kitchen remodel and want to do more with your cabinets? These ideas can help make your new kitchen feel upgraded and well designed. Here's what you need to know to make the experience worth the effort.

Vertical Cabinet Partition

Everyone has a bunch of odd-shaped pans that are really tall and hard to fit in a cabinet that has a vertical shelf. This results in the pans being stacked on top of each other, and having to take them all out to access the one that you want can be difficult. An easy solution to this problem is to put in a vertical cabinet partition in the area where you want to put your pans. It will give you the room to stack the pans upright so you can easily find what you need, yet still have horizontal shelves on the opposite side for your pots. 

Pull-Out Shelves

The hardest part of your cabinets is going to be the back of your base cabinets, which involves getting on the floor and removing things to reach what is in the back. The solution is to install pull-out shelves in the base cabinets where all of the contents slide out so that you can easily access them. You'll suddenly get back more cabinet space that you typically don't use because it is difficult to reach.

Rear Cabinet Door Organization

Does your fridge end up looking a bit cluttered with grocery lists, recipes, and other important things? It's time you move all of that stuff so it is hidden away. This can be done by putting a magnetic board on the rear side of your cabinet doors, which gives you a place to put things that would normally go on your fridge. This will help reduce the look of clutter in your kitchen but still makes all those things accessible. 

Cutting Board Racks

Another place where you can keep things hidden away is behind the bottom cabinet doors. A simple cutting board rack holder will allow you to keep them easily accessible and out of the way in a space that is typically not used for storage. 

Double Drawers

Everyone has kitchen utensils that are typically too big for a drawer and that get stuck when you close them. One way to get around this is with double drawers. They are deep enough to fit your big kitchen utensils but have a half drawer that slides on top. This gives you flexibility over what you put in your drawers and avoid keeping things out on your counter. 

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4 March 2021

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