Exterior Projects With Composite Decking Materials Beyond Just Your Deck


If you are planning exterior projects for your home, you may be looking for the right materials. There are options like composite decking materials. These materials can be used for much more than just a new surface for your deck. The following exterior projects with composite lumber will give you more than just a new surface for your deck:

Siding with Composite Materials

When you are planning renovations, the siding could be one of the improvements that you are considering. You may want to use modern composite materials for the exterior finish. If you are going to be using composite decking materials, some things need to be done for the siding. The composite materials need to have a rigid backing and a durable moisture barrier that will protect the walls from moisture damage.

Composite Lumber for Privacy Screens

There may also be improvements that you are planning to make to your outdoor living space design. These projects are going to need privacy, and you may want to build them in your landscaping. The privacy screens that are built with composite lumber are somewhat like sections of fences with structural support. These privacy screens can have a custom design with composite lumber that can be used to create different patterns and decorative features.

Garden Paths and Stairs with Composite Lumber

You can also add garden paths and stairs to your landscaping design, which are going to need to have a surface. These surfaces require the same structural support as decks. Therefore, you want to do a few things to protect the wood structural support. You want to have concrete footings and try to keep the wood off the ground. The composite lumber that you use to finish these surfaces will be more durable and resistant to wear.

Composite Lumber for More Modern Fence Designs

You may also want to build fences with a unique design. There are a lot of options for composite lumber fences. There are some issues you want to take into account when using composites for fence designs. Since these materials are flexible, the fence design is going to need a supporting structure. These materials can be backed with conventional treated lumber materials to provide the structural support you need for your fence design.

The composite decking materials are versatile solutions for various outdoor projects. Contact a composite decking dealer, like Timbertech Composite Decking, to get these materials for your next project.


10 June 2021

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