4 Factors To Consider For Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Installing custom kitchen cabinets shouldn't be just about finding something that fits into your kitchen space and offers you storage. It should also be about making your kitchen more organized and accessible, adding functionality, and boosting the aesthetic appeal. 

Unfortunately, there are many factors to consider during installation, and the whole process may be too overwhelming for you. This is why it's advisable to work with professional remodeling contractors to guide you through the process. To help you learn more, here are some key factors to consider for your custom kitchen cabinets. 

What Can Be Stored Inside?

Kitchen cabinets are of no use if they cannot serve your storage needs. Therefore, consider how much storage space you want before settling on any design. If you have some large kitchen items, see that the cabinets are the right size to accommodate them. 

Also, consider whether you want your custom kitchen cabinets to come with shelves? And if so, would you prefer pull-out shelves or cubby shelves?  When everything is well figured out, you can be confident your new cabinets will provide enough storage space for all your appliances, tools, and other items. 

Think About Cabinet Lighting

When installing custom kitchen cabinets, you have to remember you'll also be using your kitchen at night. As such, you cannot afford to play around with the lighting. You may consider adding LED strip lights to the insides and undersides of your cabinetry. This adds a cheery glow to your space and helps you locate items in the cabinets easily. 

You may also install automatic lights that turn on when you open your cabinets and off when you close them. This enhances convenience and transforms your kitchen into a magical space that everyone admires. 

You Need Enough Space To Do Your Kitchen Duties

The spacing between the upper cabinets and your countertops is essential for your kitchen's functionality. If the two are too close together, you may not be able to complete kitchen duties on the countertop working space. Similarly, if they are too far apart, your upper cabinets may be too high that you can't access the stored items without a ladder. 

Thankfully, you won't have to experience these problems when you work with professional remodeling contractors because they'll work closely with you to determine the right position for your wall cabinets. 

Don't Forget the Toe Kick Space

The toe kick space is the recessed space where the cabinet frame and the floor meet. Traditionally, homeowners have not utilized this space, while others have used it as a gathering space for dirt and debris. But with the advancement of custom kitchen cabinets, most people today add pull-out storage in the space. You can use it to store items like baking dishes, serving platters, and cookie sheets. 

You can also get more creative by matching the color of the toe kick space with the floor or even adding some lighting. This improves functionality while also giving your kitchen a modern, classy look. 


17 November 2021

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