Thinking Of Installing Granite Countertops: 4 Common Finishes


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for the kitchen and bathrooms. The natural beauty of the stone is what makes it such a popular finishing material among homeowners. The market has countless colors, patterns, and designs. If you want your kitchen or bathroom counters to look unique, consider using a unique finish for them. Here are a few granite countertop solutions you have in finishing your countertops. 

The Polished Countertop

Polishing granite makes it smooth and mirror-like. It means that the attractive characteristics of the stone become highlighted. For instance, you will notice an increased vibrancy with the color and texture of the stone when it's polished.

Countless benefits come from the finish. First, the smoothness means that the surface is extremely easy to clean, and you only need to wipe down the spills with a cloth. The polish also helps limit the porosity of granite, which keeps water and moisture away from the internal parts of the countertop. It will last and serve you for decades without the need for replacement. 

The Leathered Finish

Leathering is a relatively new finishing style when compared to other alternatives. The manufacturers take a honed granite surface and pass diamond brushes over it. Therefore, the tipped brushes add some texture and dimples. Leather gives your granite countertops a sophisticated appearance that other finishing styles cannot match. During leathering, the designers maintain the color of the natural stone, which is different from other finishes. Also, this finish creates superior quality outcomes because it is more resistant to stains and hides water spots. 

The Bush-hammered Finish

Bush hammering involves using a hammer tool that resembles a meat tenderizer. The device has triangular points on it, and the fabricators repeatedly hit the granite's surface to achieve a uniform weathered look. The countertop surface also ends up a little textured after getting the bush-hammered finish. The finish also makes the stone appear shades lighter. 

The Flamed Finish

Flaming involves using a highly heated tool to create a unique finish on the surface of the granite countertop. The flamed finish is impressive and also extremely rare. The finish is popular when people install outdoor and indoor kitchen countertops.

You can speak to trusted suppliers and compare these finishes before choosing one. The perfect finish will complement your kitchen décor and efficiently serve you for decades. The installation contractor will guide you on care and maintenance to increase lifespan.  

For more information about granite countertops and finishes, contact a remodeling contractor in your area.


14 December 2021

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