Calming Influence: Easy Interior Design Tips For Turning Your Home Into A Peaceful Sanctuary


Peace, serenity, and a refuge from a stressful and busy world. These are some of the things people are looking at now more than ever in interior design. Fortunately, you can create a calming influence in your home by using colors and textures to give your home environment a sanctuary feeling your entire family will appreciate.

Shades of serenity

There is nothing like soothing and soft neutrals to create a sense of serenity in the home. Combining neutrals, rather than sticking with a one-color palette, will up the comfort factor in any room and create a soothing visual effect. For instance, using a soft blush for walls and soft gray for furniture will create a peaceful look and the colors will complement one another rather than compete for attention.

Calming cues

Adding a printed wallpaper to a room as an accent wall will add interest without distracting too much from the calming effect in the room. Avoid large prints that can be loud and choose subtle prints, such as petite florals or pastel cloud designs. Fabric wall hangings and plush, shag rugs are other great additions to bring a feeling of calmness to a room.

A touch of nature

There is nothing like a hint of nature sprinkled throughout the house to make it feel like a peaceful sanctuary. Plants pack a powerful punch and are a great option for adding a pleasing pop of color to the home that is not too bold or overbearing. Faux or real does not matter, so you do not have to have a green thumb to incorporate refreshing greenery into your interior design style.

Visually pleasing groupings

Choose a low, wooden bookcase rather than a traditional bookcase to create an interesting look in the room and to free up wall space for other décor. Arrange books by color to avoid a cluttered and disorganized look in the room. A neutral linen tapestry hung above the bookcase will bring out the natural wood in the bookcase and add an organic and calming feel to the grouping.

Now, more than ever, there really is no place like home, as the pandemic has changed the way people entertain and live. Creating a peaceful home is easy when you use the right colors and textures together. Your interior designer will work with you to incorporate the calming features that will make your home your own personal sanctuary.

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25 January 2022

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