5 Types Of Cabinets To Add To Your Home Office


Are you working from home for the foreseeable future? If so, it may be time to convert that hastily-made and messy home office to a more permanent and more functional space. One tool that will help you do this with ease are custom cabinets. While something many people reserve for the kitchen or bathroom, cabinetry can help your home office in many ways. Here are a few such cabinets you might consider.

1. Locking Cabinets. With more and more work being done at home, the risk of family, friends, and pets getting into your stuff is higher than ever. Protect them from dangerous tools or equipment and protect your sensitive documents from damage by locking these items safely behind convenient cabinet doors. 

2. Tall Storage Cabinets. Tall vertical cabinets are best for storing an inventory of small goods or office supplies. This allows you to organize things at heights that are appropriate to make access easy and comfortable. Integrate these with drawers within the cabinet for smaller, loose items. 

3. Bookshelves. While cabinet doors are great for making your office look neat and tidy—especially as a background for videoconferencing—not everything should be hidden. Including a few open shelves allows you to display only what you want people to see. This could be books and manuals that show you take work seriously, company branding and logos, or personal mementos to express your personality. 

4. Custom Storage Spaces. What unique, fragile, or expensive items do you use in your work? Could they be best protected by customized storage spaces? A deep cabinet drawer is a perfect base for customized organizers and protective material. With less risk than storage on a shelf, base drawers can also be easier to access. 

5. A Desk System. Home-based workers need to create an entire workplace in one spot. Oftentimes, a basic desk and chair simply aren't enough. Expand what's handy and how much space you have to work by designing your own desk system. This may include not only a worktop but also lower and upper cabinets to hold all your stuff, open shelves for handy storage, extended counters for spreading out, and file cabinets for all your documents. 

Could your office benefit from cabinets like any of these? Whether your goal is to protect work materials, make your office look better, or create the most efficient workspace possible, cabinets could be the simple solution you've been looking for.

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28 March 2022

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