Small Office Break Room? 5 Reasons It Needs Good Cabinets


The office break room is an underrated but important part of creating a comfortable, welcoming, and practical work environment for your employees. And one thing you should never skimp on — especially if there's limited space — is good cabinets. Why should even a small break room include the right cabinets? Here are a few of the best reasons. 

1. Storage Keeps Things Tidy

Keeping the space neat and clear is more important than ever when space is at a premium. Everything that will live in your break room permanently needs a home or things will become messy very quickly. And the most space-efficient storage is cabinetry that is customized to the size, shape, and nature of what you plan to keep there. 

2. They Promote Cleanliness

No one wants to take breaks or eat lunch in a dirty space. The right cabinet set goes a long way toward keeping your area cleaner. Maintain cleaning supplies handy but out of the way. Utensils, dishware, and bulk supplies have a home rather than sitting around gathering dust. And heavy-duty cabinets withstand the rigors of daily use without staining, scratching, chipping, or gaining odors. 

3. Your Storage Needs Grow

Unfortunately, small businesses often end up using break room space as catch-all storage over time. Even if you don't need much cabinet storage for a simple break room when you design it, you will likely need more and more space as you grow. Plan excess storage right from the beginning so you aren't struggling to catch up later. 

4. Some Things Need Protection

While break rooms are usually open to all employees, not everything inside them should be open to all. Add a set of locking cabinets for things like hazardous chemicals, logo products for special purposes, petty cash, or even some celebratory alcohol kept on site. 

5. They Save Space

A good cabinet set is one of the most compact ways to create a useful, multifunctional break room. You get both base and upper cabinets, utilizing all the available vertical space, as well as a counter work space — all with a tiny footprint. Custom cabinets can even come with things like mini refrigerators, alcohol racks, appliance garages and lifts, and charging stations. 

Want to see how the right set of cabinets could transform your small break room into a cozy, useful, and enjoyable place to gather? Start by meeting with a cabinet provider in your area. 


11 October 2022

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