Remodeling Your Kitchen? Follow These 4 Helpful Tips


Designing a new kitchen in your home can be overwhelming. While you can do whatever you want, you are limited to the space that you have. That's why you'll want to use the following tips to make sure that you're making great choices.

Use A Kitchen Triangle

Sometimes you don't realize how the flow of a kitchen will work until you actually start cooking in it. However, you'll want to remember to use a kitchen triangle to make life easier. This isn't a new specialty tool you use to cook it. It's actually a concept that is used to design a kitchen so that the three most frequently used parts are accessible. This is the sink, stove, and refrigerator. 

Start by placing the stove and the sink on both sides of a corner, which will give you some prep area between the two to use. The refrigerator can then go next to the stove or sink, or even across from them. As long as these three things are a step or two away from each other you'll have a good basic layout. 

Use The Right Paint

The type of paint you use in a kitchen is going to be much different than what you use in the rest of the home. You'll want paint that will be easy to clean when it gets dirty, which means it needs to be able to resist grease. Consider a semi-gloss, stain, or eggshell paint, which will have a smoother surface that is easier to keep clean. 

Create Wide Walkways

A common mistake that people make is creating walkways that are too small in a kitchen. A small walkway is not going to work well when you have multiple people in the kitchen working. Look at the amount of space that you have for the oven, cabinet, refrigerator, and dishwasher doors when they are open. Is there enough room for you and another person to walk by when they are open? If not, you'll want a bigger walkway that can accommodate multiple cooks. 

Design An Island With A Purpose In Mind

Many people love the idea of an island in their kitchen but don't know how to utilize it. Think about the purpose of having an island when designing one, since there are many things to consider. For example, are you creating an island for prep work or eating? If you're eating at the island, is the purpose to serve food from the opposite side, or for guests to be social while you cook? This can help determine the size and height of the island so that it works best for your kitchen. 

For help with your kitchen remodel, contact a kitchen design service in your area.


31 October 2022

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