How To Decide If Your Home's Deck Needs Repairs


Residential deck repairs are an inevitable part of owning a house that has a deck. You will need to stay in front of repair needs so it's wise to know how to tell if there are problems and decide what to do. Folks worried about home deck repairs should check for these 5 possible issues.

Soft Boards

Even if the original builder used composite materials to construct a deck, the boards can get soft over time. This happens due to rain, humidity, wear and tear from foot traffic, and exposure to UV rays. Eventually, the boards develop a springiness that becomes noticeable. The boards could also get loose and feel springy if the nails, bolts, or fasteners are loosening. Once the boards are at this point, there's a risk they could eventually fail, so it's time for home deck repairs.


Any signs that the wood is decaying are bad. If pieces are coming out of the wood, there's a risk the entire deck could collapse. You should cease using it until a contractor can perform residential deck repairs. Even if the problem is with non-structural wood, losing a single board is enough to damage property or injure people.


Decks have solid foundations, structures, and attachment points to the house. If a deck begins to sway, something is wrong with the overall structure. The deck could collapse or break loose from the building. Even if the swaying only occurs in high winds, the structure isn't safe. Likewise, even a sway of perhaps an inch isn't good because anything noticeable means there's movement in unsafe spots.

Tilting or Sinking

Every house settles a bit over its lifetime, and that same effect influences the deck, too. The problem is correctable with residential deck repairs, though. If you see objects starting to slowly move on the deck's surface, for example, that's a sign a contractor should do some work.

This is especially true if things move quickly and immediately when you place them on the deck. You don't want to see a grill moving, for example, because that's a fire risk.

Extreme Mold Growth

Particularly in high-humidity regions, fighting mold growth on decks is a never-ending battle. However, if the mold growth appears to be deep into the wood, that's going to call for more than pressure washing. You might notice that the boards are starting to stain green, for example. At this point, the smart move is to repair the affected parts of the deck before the damage compromises the structure. 


21 November 2022

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