Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Right For Your Remodel?


Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process for restoring and updating existing cabinets. People frequently turn to it during remodeling projects. You may wonder if you ought to reface the cabinets in your kitchen, and here are five ways to tell if it's time to reface your cabinets.

Cabinet Condition

The major prerequisite for kitchen cabinet refacing is that the materials are in good condition. Smaller elements can be problematic, and that won't affect the refacing process. A refacing company can replace the hinges and handles, for example. The big thing that needs to be in good shape is the cabinet itself and the doors. A few scratches aren't a big deal because a contractor can sand those blemishes, but the doors and cabinets need to still be physically solid.

Remodeling Goals

A lot depends on your remodeling goals. If you're removing the cabinets, refacing might be possible as a way to reuse them. However, you'll need to take some measurements to confirm that the cabinets will fit in their new destination. Generally, kitchen cabinet refacing works best when you intend to reinstall the cabinets in the same spot.

Similarly, you should consider what you want visually from the cabinets. Using a traditional style door on a sleek and modernist cabinet, for example, may call for replacing the doors entirely. The more aggressive your remodel is in changing the look of the entire kitchen, the less likely refacing is ideal for the job.


Many homeowners are attracted to kitchen cabinet refacing because it's cost-effective when compared to installing new cabinets. If you're trying to make a tight remodeling budget work, refacing is one of the areas where you might be able to cheat the budget a bit in your favor.


Homeowners also frequently perform kitchen cabinet refacing when they wish to quickly remodel. Suppose you want to ready a house for sale or rent. Updating the cabinets is a good way to quickly make the kitchen look nicer. The cabinets are a large and visible element of the kitchen, so refacing them can give the kitchen a new appearance without the hassle of a full-on renovation.


The most sustainable approach to remodeling is almost always going to be to reuse the existing materials. With a minimal amount of waste, kitchen cabinet refacing allows you to update a cooking area without making massive investments. If you want to be as sustainable and efficient as possible with a remodel, refacing is the way to go.

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11 April 2023

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