Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For People With Dogs


When you have a dog or dogs, they become a central part of your life. Living with them becomes much easier if your home is properly designed to accommodate them. This includes the kitchen. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, then it's wise to take your dog's needs into account as you do so. Here are some kitchen remodeling ideas that tend to work well for dog owners.

Include a Pull-Out Drawer for Dog Food

Talk to your kitchen designer or cabinet maker about including a big, deep, pull-out drawer in your lower cabinets. You can use this drawer to hold dog food. Determine how much dog food comes in the bag you typically buy, and make sure the drawer is large enough to hold that much. In some cases, your cabinet maker might build a separate bin, which slides into the drawer and can be removed. Or, they can design the drawer to hold a pre-made bin that you buy from a kitchen store or home goods store.

Build in a Dog Kennel

If you kennel your dog, then you may want to include a built-in kennel in your kitchen design. People often place it near the entrance to their kitchen, especially if there is an exterior door in the kitchen floor plan. The kennel can be made to look just like your cabinets. This will be more attractive and will create a more cohesive look than you'd get with a separate dog crate. Plus, you won't be trying to find space for a kennel in your newly designed kitchen.

Designate a Cupboard for Your Dog's Things

Your dog probably has accessories such as toys, food bowls, and medications. Have your cabinet maker design a cabinet specifically for these items. You may want to have it made with an easy-to-clean bottom, which will make it easier to keep clean if you spill some dog treats or other items.

Have a Custom, Elevated Bowl Holder Built

Rather than have your dog scoot their bowl across the floor repeatedly, have your kitchen designer build an elevated dog bowl holder. It should have two inserts for the bowls to drop into. You can have it built to the appropriate height for your dog. Shorter dogs should have shorter bowl holders, and larger dogs should have taller bowl holders.

If you have dogs, make sure you take them into account when remodeling your kitchen.  

For more info about kitchen remodeling, contact a local company. 


5 June 2023

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