Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen With A Closed Layout


These days, there seems to be a trend toward more open kitchen designs. People often like having more space around them and find it makes their kitchen feel lighter and more airy. But in some homes, opening up the kitchen area is just not that feasible. The way the home is built or laid out essentially makes it necessary to stick with a more closed kitchen. That does not mean you can't remodel your closed kitchen and make it more usable and enjoyable. The following are some top design ideas to consider when remodeling a closed kitchen.

Put the pantry elsewhere.

In a closed kitchen, space is often limited. You don't want to take up a whole set of cabinets just for food storage. So, see if there is a hall closet you could convert to a pantry. This will open up more storage space in the kitchen itself.

Vary your textures.

You can make the kitchen seem more modern and inviting by using a variety of textures in the design. For example, if you choose smooth stone for the counters, use a rougher stone tile for the floors. Varying textures keep your eye moving around so the kitchen does not feel as enclosed.

Use can lights and under-cabinet lighting.

You always want to use plenty of lighting in an enclosed kitchen. But you also don't want the lights themselves to take up too much valuable space. Can lights are your friend since they can be buried in the ceiling? Include more than you think you need in your design! Another good option is under-cabinet lights. They shine some extra light on your counters and can even draw the eye toward the middle of the room.

Put a mirror on one wall.

This is an old-fashioned trick that was often used to make restaurants and dining rooms seem larger, and you can also use it in your enclosed kitchen. A mirror on the wall will make the room feel like it goes on forever. Avoid using mirrors on more than one wall, though, as that can lead to some confusing imagery and reflections.

Closed kitchen designs are not that common these days, but sometimes, an enclosed design really is your best option when remodeling. Rely on the advice above to design an enclosed kitchen that still looks modern, is easy to cook in, and appeals to your own sense of style.

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21 July 2023

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